Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chalkboard Art!

Well recently I've been called to do chalkboard art for my previous place of employment; Joe's Crab Shack! My first work (not posted) was done in regular sidewalk chalk, and it sucked. The picture was all grainy and smudged all gross, but these other two were a complete improvement! I've been visiting other chalkboard artists websites and doing some research, and I would love to have this as a side job. But I also found these awesome Chalk Ink markers that don't smudge and they're like $6 a marker! Sheesh! It's like get serious or go home lol. Well here is my artwork, hopefully I can continue this work.

Summer 2011 Joe's Crab Shack has awesome steampots (The Diablo is my favorite), and Live Crawfish (yuck!) Enjoy.