Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crappy post.

Dear Me,

You suck. I mean come on! You haven’t posted something since 2009. I think you should have automatically been deleted from the blog world for such a long absence under the assumption that you died. And don’t you dare call this a new years’ resolution, because you and I both know how that will turn out. You’ll get home from school or work and say that you’re too exhausted to update but all you’ll do is occupy yourself with the Sims. Lame –o. So as of now you will post some of your unfinished work, and by unfinished I mean not all fancy edited through photoshop or finely painted on a canvas. Just your dumb little doodles that have page lines through them. Sound fair? And when you do draw or make something new, post it immediately. Because even when you do get around to using photoshop, you’re no pro at it and you’re never fully satisfied with the edges or the darkness or whatever little thing there is and you don’t post.

And now you’re ranting.


P.S. Not that the Sims is lame, it’s just lame how engrossed you become with it

Yeah those are notes from micorbiology.....germs 'n stuff.

All works completed in colored pens and highlighters.

Thanks for reading this crappy post.

Update (134am): couple more pictures cuz I won't post them any time else


Randy (at the time working at wamu) as a koala.

"Too Hott To Trot"

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