Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day from good to bad to realizing I need a new job

I have to be at work 1030am, and that's not a problem for me because I am a morning person. But last night I went to bed around 2am meaning I woke up at 1025am. I have surpassed my record of getting ready and in my car of around 10min to only 3min. Yes I brushed my teeth and didn't forget to bring anything with me, but I did forget my deodorant. It happens. Amazingly I made it to work at 1041am, and instead of receiving a mini-lecture on the importance of punctuality (like most places of business should), I was congratulated on an impressive time. After opening for my shift I was then given egg, bacon, and cheese on an english muffin (a great way to start any day). For those of you just stumbeling upon my site I work in a -would be busy if we weren't in a crappy location - restaurant. So this is the extent of my good day. As the shift goes on our manager keeps adding to a list of things we have run out of to serve, including straws, tilapia, lobster, side orders of shrimp or corn and kids pizzas. This hadn't really effected my day because none of my customers ordered these items. Yet for some reason none of them brought in a new years cheer when I went to greet them, half of them refused to look at me when I took their orders, only looking at each other or the things on the table. So not the first time I've had difficult customers, I mean come on! I make $2.15 and hour, I'm trying to be your friend so I can get enough tips to meet minimum wage at least, while giving a percent to the host and bartender, sheesh! Anyhoo, it seemed like all of my tables were difficult. I was yelled at by an old man who said if he couldn't read the tab (because we have crappy printers with grey ink) then he wouldn't pay for the meal. Just ask your son to read it for you! I went to print it out again but he had already paid with a gift card then left. Okay so whatever, I was nice and punctual, he was just mad that his eyes don't function properly. And so the day went on, I got a couple of young couples and as previous experience has led me to believe that they wouldn't tip decently, they proved me right. I'm on my last table of the evening, again their appearance is registered in my mind that they will not tip well (and I have been proven wrong before so I never actually treat my tables different from one another), and with only three people there and three appetizers ordered they tell me that they are waiting on one other person. They had sat there for about 45min (usually the time when a table arrives, eats, then leaves) when their fourth person arrived. Ordered. Then ate really slowly. Again this was a table who had a hard time making eye contact with me when either of us was talking. (I don't think I had something on my face). They paid half with a gift card and half cash on an $85 tab. Their tip, $5. What upset me the most, was the extremely large wad of cash he pulled out and counted in front of me. Ignorant. So I arrived home $25 richer for eight hours of labor.

So here I am depressed about my job and the people that eat there complaining to whomever read this far. Ha

I have a day off tomorrow and I plan to dedicate it to finding a new job.

Update: While at work that day I decided to draw my dog Emory. She's a brat but I love her. And the other is Juniper, she's cool too.

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