Thursday, January 6, 2011

To hone a hobby

If you have been reading then yes I am sill working at a restaurant with poor customer attendance. But I have put in several applications elsewhere. The pet store down the street seemed promising, the manager reviewed my application when I turned it in and said my schedule fit to what he was looking for. I even had a dream of working there, and not an aspirational - god I hope I get it - kind of dream, but an actual fell asleep and remember driving around with made-up employees getting non-job related work done. It was weird to say the least. But now lets get to the subject of this post - my future hobby. By my lack of posts you may not know I was a caricature artist, just someone decently good at drawing, but I was. Too many times have I attempted to draw amazing caricatures to post but end up hating them and stowing them in the trash. I'm a bit rusty when it comes to.....any kind of drawing. Well while I was talking to the manager I was also imagining me selling caricatures of the pets of my future/non-existent customers at said pet store. So much so that I forgot the name of the manager I am suppose to call back in a week to see if I got the job.

But anyhoo, drawing animals! I love to do that.
Omg, I just heard a noise at my door and I'm home alone.
Okay it was the apartment putting notes in all the doors.....saying that there's been a spree of crimes happening right under our noses! Now I'm scared to go outside.

So, I'll just talk about drawing animals, like turtles and fish and cows and dogs and cats and giraffes and birds and cheetahs and snails and lizards and mice and snakes and ferrets and bugs and deer and bears and opossums and monkeys and flamingos and whatever!

And then you might be saying, 'well as evidence of your last post I don't think you have the talent to actually draw a decent animal picture let alone sell one to some poor customer.'
And the I might be saying, 'well screw you. it's a harmless hobby maybe you should get one yourself instead of criticizing me.'

Oh yeah I've also been looking around to work as a nursing assistant though an externship program or a phlebotomist. So next time you donate blood you can think of me! Possibly. I'll let you know about that one. Well you could think, 'I know someone who wants to do this.' Yeah.


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